Argentina Hunting

Who is Jorge Noya?

Old and well-known hunter from Argentina, he started to hunt at the age of 9, doing of its passion all a life of work and service to the hunter, contributing to each program and safari all his experience, vision and handling. Became a Veterinarian, specialist in Fauna in 1977, applying all its knowledge to the area, being source of consultation for infinity of magazines and publications, internationals and nationals dedicated to the hunting. Between their portfolio of hunters, innumerable worldwide references, weatherby awards, presidents of the CIC, Presidents of Chapters International of the SCI and recognized personalities of the hunting world. He formed to his side a great group of people, which will give to each one of you satisfactions due to the dedication and attention that offer frequently, more than 25 years working for the hunters and offering their knowledge with the purpose of obtaining the best human and hunting results for your safari, in Big Game and Wingshooting. Find below a bio of the team who will accompany the hunter from the first moment of its visit until his departure.

Thanks to all our guides, cookers, housekeepers, bird boys and all our people staff that makes each hunt possible.

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Thank you very much,
Jorge Noya