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Big Game Deer

Argentina is one of the best trophy hunting of the world, this country offers 18 different species of big game trophies, turning it and leading in a destination for big hunting because of its large wild and desolate planes which makes possible unforgettable hunts.
Hunting in Argentina is something than you will remember forever, stalking, roaring the stag in the vastness of humed pampas region endless woods, medal class trophy axis nearby buenos aires city, challenging w.buffalo in deep brush, spot and stalk huge boars during day light on wet land. Plains of blackbuck, different rams, Fallow deer on highly terrain, and much more
The different species than you can hunt here in Argentina are: Red Stag, W.Buffalo, Blackbuck, Rams, Axis, Capybara, Fallow deer, Boars, Goats, Mouflon, multihorned sheep,
Shoot a stag during the rut is one of the most beatiful experience in a hunters life...

Red Stag Package 5 days in Buenos Aires

Days: 5

March until July

Package Includes:

Red Stag


Day 1-  Arrive - Pick up airport,  - afternoon Hunt
Day 2-  Hunt
Day 3-  Hunt 
Day 4-  Hunt
Day 5-  Hunt  - depart in afternoon

Dolores - Buenos Aires


We hope you had a good trip. We got home in good shape. Carolyn and I would like to thank you again for all of the hard work putting the tour together! We realize that doing it all yourself to save on cost was not easy. Also, please thank the whole staff at the hunting camp and lodge for us.

It was their hard work that led to success. All in all it was a great trip!

If Jorge would like an additional reference contact for prospective clients, please feel free to list me as a contact. Sincerely

Lyle - U.S

I would be happy to discuss my experience with Caza Y Safaris. They did an outstanding job for me. I finished the SCI Diamond level Inner Circle for the Trophy animals of South America and the Grand Slam of South American Trophies on one trip. I am leaving today for an Antelope hunt in Wyoming and will be back next Tuesday. If you would like to talk to me, I can be reached on my wife's cell phone next Tuesday. That number is 602 881 0270. We are currently at our home in Arizona, and I can never remember whether we are on the same time as you this time of the year or a one hour ahead of you.

The owner and operator of Caza Y Safaris as well as his staff are honest and very accommodating and they deliver what they promise.

I saw one of their Bird Camps after we finished my hunt but only stayed over night there and did not hunt birds. The camp is first class. Regards,

Jim - U.S

“I had the pleasure and priviledge to hunt in more than 20 times with the organization . My results have always been way above my expecta-tions. I ́ve hunted big game and small game. Its facilities are superb and their teams of people ( professional hunters, guards, attendants, etc ) very professional and courteous. You can probably find a similar organization but certainly not better”

Enrique Maestre from Spain - Frequent client




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