What is the limit on Doves per day?

There is no limit !! They are considered an agricultural pest. Approximately 25 % of the crops are lost to these birds. In the Cordoba region alone there are over 35 million doves.

Can I bring Ducks or Doves back home?

Yes, however going through U.S. Customs with them can be a problem. Sometimes resulting in having to dispose of them prior to re-entering the country. If you still desire to attempt to bring some home, be sure to bring a cooler with you.

What happens to the Ducks/Doves I shoot?

As many as you like will be prepared for you to eat. The rest are given away to the birdboys and local families. They are not wasted.

Is Argentina a safe place?

The government has recently gone through changes in an effort to stabilize the economy. The efforts appear to be working. Throughout the country it is business as usual in Argentina is a Democracy. At no times on my trips have I felt unsafe. However we always take reasonable precautions. We like to keep honest people honest.

What is the Currency exchange rate?

The value of the Argentina Peso fluctuates. Lately it has been approximately 16 pesos to one U.S. Dollar. Personal purchases can be made in local stores and paid for with U.S. Dollars. The store keepers will calculate the exchange rate for you. However change will be made to you in pesos. Credit cards are also taken at many stores.

Are VISAs or permits required for this trip?

Gun permits will be obtained when we arrive in Argentina at the Customs Agent. No Visas are required.

V.I.P. The U.S. Customs agents will require that you have a FORM CF-4457 completed prior to your departure. It lists a description of your guns along with the serial numbers. ( Dont worry, your not registering them this is a single copy form and you will have the only copy of it ). This form proves that you owned these guns when you left the country. It will prevent you from paying duties on their value upon re-entering the U.S.A. You can do this at any U.S. Customs office prior to your departure.

Why to choose CAZA Y SAFARIS ARGENTINA instead of other hunting company or outfitter?

Theres an existing difference between our outfitt and our competitors is all about the experience gathered throughout this 25 years working with hunters worldwide, also you will notice once you arrive why quality on service is another of our outstanding virtues. Most of the hunting areas belong to us, this allows us to have absolute control over the service we offer and the excellent quotations we have. Furthermore, we offer a GUARANTEE. Do you need more reasons? Firs class lodging, delicious meals, first class wines and beverages, comfortable 4WD vehicles, bilingual staff and the very best assistance to our privileged hunters,etc.

Which is the ACTUAL success rate?

Due to both the great amount of fauna that exists in our country and also the excellent PH's and guides working for us, we can assure you a 100% of success, but we will need to have in mind weather conditions.

Is the hunt guided?

100%; the hunters will be accompanied all times by a professional guide, who will assist you during your whole trip (Buenos Aires airport, local airports, hunting fields, lodge, transportation, etc.) They will also join you in case you want to go sightseeing, shopping, etc.

Do the guides speak English?

In our staff, we have highly qualified interpreters, who will be with you at all times.

How is the weather like?

What kind of clothing do I need to take?

As you probably know Argentina has differenciated climates. During Summer, December, January and February temperatures raise up to 90°F.In March, April and May is moderate, with temperatures ranging between 59°F and 83°F. Light garments for the day and warmer clothes for mornings and evenings are recommended. In June, July and August, the climate can be quite cool with temperatures ranging between 32°F and 68°F. Therefore, warm garments are suggested. For all season, we specially recommend raincoats, waterproof boots and camouflage clothing. For duck shooting, waders are required. For pigeon and dove hunting, shoulder pads, earplugs, gloves and protection goggles are recommended.

Can I take my gun to Argentina?

Yes. The procedure to enter your gun to Argentina is very simple and it is done when the hunter arrives at the airport, where we will be, in order to help you. Only two guns per hunter are allowed to enter Argentina.

Do I need a visa to enter Argentina?

No, there is no need for a visa.

Do I need any vaccine?

No, fortunately Argentina is an epidemic free country and hunting places are extremely safe.

How is the food like?

We offer continental breakfast and also abundant and delicious meals, in which you will enjoy the famous Argentinean "asado" (BBQ) and you will taste the finest Argentinean wines, the most distinguished of which is "Malbec".

Is it necessary a deposit?

A deposit o is required at least 30 days before your trip in order to confirm your hunt reservation. The deposit is through bank transference, we have bank accounts in USA and Spain.