Multihorned sheep

It is also known as Multi­horned sheep. It is believed to come from the Middle East. It is an old breed.Jacob's four­horned sheep are perhaps the most easily identified sheep species in the exotic world. It's name is derived from the two sets of horns (or "4 horns") protruding from the sheep's noggin'. Some have only two horns or even 6, but 4 is most common in rams. Ewes will often have zero or 2 small, irregular­shaped horns. Horn configurations can vary greatly. Horns in 2­horn, and the lower horns in 4­horns, usually grow in a classic curl. Upper horns usually grow upward, but may curl as well. The horns are black or black/white striped.A smaller sheep species, rams weigh from 120 to 180 lbs and ewes 100 to 120 lbs.

Hunting period: March to December.




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