Red Stag Season. What you have to know

Is it your hunting dream? Let the adventure begin....    don`t stay out!  The season starts next March 2018!

Argentina is certainly a very large country with a variety of landscapes. The primary big game hunting is for the introduced species like the red stag. The best happens during the Roar in March and April even the Rut is a challenge and an spectacle itself.  Anyway, stags remain his antlers until July in Argentina, even is able to combine with many other game as well.

Caza & Safaris has been offering hunts for almost 40 years and has learnt that client`s preferences can be different. We run this program in mountains or flat land.

The Red Stag is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the world’s most desirable trophies. During the Rut they become a very vocal giving out roars as a challenge with others in the area. They live in a large groups but start to become intolerant of each other so fights between them are common at that time. The bigger the stag, the bigger the fight. A clear demonstration of size and a reinforcement of his status is the roaring. Both hinds and stags spend a considerable amount of time sniffing and licking each other. It is usual to listen impressive roars, a sounds that are repeated many times. It is a clear indication of size and stature or to reinforce to win a fight. If neither stag backs down a clash of antlers can occur  and stags sometimes sustain serious injuries . They need large spaces for its normal activity and development. They are astute animals, wild, evasive, with sight, smell and ears very developed, that allows them to be cautious. They have nocturnal habits and for most of the day they are found in the repaired places. They are also active in the early hours of the morning. This is a very dynamic and visual hunting; which requires a lot of attention. Argentina has great areas to run this hunt.




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