Hunting in Argentina:

South America is known for its high-volume bird shooting, big game hunting, fly fishing, amazing culture, friendly people, excellent food as well as wine. We invite you to plan your next hunting trip in one of Argentina's astonishing regions, a Wingshooting paradise where doves and pigeos exist by the millions in the Pampa, some of the best free-range red stag hunting can be run in the Patagonia along with other included species like water buffalo, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck and wild boar, with free-range populations scattered around the country. And host to a variety of native game including capybara, brocket deer and peccaries, both white-lipped and collared in the northernmost provinces.

Hunt with us:

Caza & Safaris is one of the oldest hunting companies in Argentina with 40 years of experience and 3 own lodges located strategically across the coutry. We work in a very customized way and run the hunts to get the best result for each species. Our hunters can choose among 18 different Big Game trophies (native and introduced) as well as combine it with Wingshooting high volume of Birds. Doves, Pigeon, Duck and Partridge can be hunted all in the same area. We have got 2 lodges located in the northern region, in an area called "The Impenetrable", a dusty and wooded area, well recognized for his abundant Fauna and a crazy millions of birds. We also have a property in Buenos Aires province too, this is located just 2 hours driving from the international arrival, in a rural flat land place typical for his excellent quality of red stag, axis deer, fallow deer and blackbucks. And for experienced hunters we run our old school mountain deer hunt in Patagonia, the South of the country, that is famous for its challenged Red Stag hunts.

Argentina Hunting

Red Stag Season. What you have to know

2019-02-25 12:43:20

Is it your hunting dream? Let the adventure begin.... don`t stay out! The season starts next March 2018!

Argentina is certainly a very large country with a variety of landscapes. The primary big game hunting is for the introduced species like the red stag. The best happens during the Roar in March and April even the Rut is a challenge and a spectacle itself. Anyway, stags remain his antlers until July in Argentina even is able to combine with much other game as well.

Caza & Safaris has been offering hunts for almost 40 years and has learnt that the client`s preferences can be different. We run this program in mountains or flat land.

Argentina has a large amplitude of climates which is perfect to organize different programs and combine both games, big game and small game almost all year long.

There are native and introduced species like buffalo, red stag, fallow deer, peccaries, brocket deer, wild boar, feral hog, goats, rams, axis deer, blackbuck, puma, multihorned and many others so it's perfect if the hunter is looking for a Diamond Award. Quality trophies are pretty good, excellent red stag trophies mainly(medal) as well as many other introduced like puma hunted with dogs, in an old school way.

Wingshooting is amazing. We run an intensive bird shooting in our Northern Region lodge guaranteeing you 1500 shoots a day. It depends on your arms support. Waterfawl is a good options as well. We provide Dorado fishing combined with birds. We use to receive groups that spend a very fun and great time!

Last year was particularly great. We've got nice stags and hundreds of trophies to export. Our market were increased these last years as we always try to work for reach a long-term relationship with our customers.

Regarding the current 2020 season bookings, we'll expect to have a good season again. The top of season is march till july mainly because of red stag however the other species can be harvested almost all year long... at this time, it seems season never ends in Argentina!

Argentina Hunting

Big Game Argentina

Argentina is one of the best trophy hunting locations of the world, welcoming nearly 20,000 hunters annually from around the world, the country offers many different species of introduced and native Big Game trophies, turning it's large wild planes into a leading destination for Big Game hunting. Hunting in Argentina is an experience you will remember forever, stalking, roaring the stag in the vastness of humed pampas endless woods, hunting medal class Axis Deer nearby Buenos Aires city, challenging Water Buffalos in deep brush and spoting and stalking huge boars during day light on wet land.

We combine our 3 privetly own ranches, one located in Buenos Aires and the others in Santiago del Estero, with some of the largest free-range regions in Patagonia to offer the greatest variety of species and locations possible. We are proud of having always arrange very customized hunting trips that adjust to many different Big Game trophies packages, scaling difficulties, access to locations, odds, dates and Wingshooting combinations. Among the possible Big Game species we run are Red Stag, water buffalo, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck and wild boar, combined with native species like capybara, brocket deer and peccaries, both white-lipped and collared.

Argentina Hunting

Wingshooting Argentina

South America has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world and Argentina, it's most popular hunting destination, is a Wingshooting hunter paradise with its wonderful landscapes, first class hunting lodges, great food, excellent wines, climate that allows you to shoot almost all year long and of course a population of birds that astonish anyone who comes. With the most important concentration of doves in the world, Argentina offers the best dove hunting experience exceeding the expectations of those who visit.

Caza & Safaris has 2 main bird hunting areas, one located near the city of Buenos Aires, with no need for a domestic flight, and the other in Santiago del Estero, a northern province with the largests populations of birds around the year, suited for the most demanding shotgun hunters that wants to hunt not only doves, but 12 species of ducks, pigeons and partridge with dogs, the perfect place for a mixed bag hunting. 2000 shoots/day guaranteed. No bag limit.

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