Caza & Safaris is one of the oldest hunting company in Argentina with 40 years of experience and 3 own lodges located strategically in Argentina. We work in a very customized way and run the hunts to get the best result for each species. Our hunters can choose among 18 different Big Game trophies (native and introduced) as well as to combine with high volume of Birds. Doves, Pigeon, Duck and Partridge can be combined all in the same area. We´ve got 2 lodges located in the northern region, in an area called "The Impenetrable" , a dusty and wooded area , well recognized for his abundant Fauna and a crazy millions of birds. Some years ago, Caza has got a new property in Buenos Aires province too. This is located just 3 hours driving from the international arrival, in a rural flat land place typical for his excellent quality of red stag , axis deer, fallow deer and blackbucks. Deserve another story our old-school-mountain-deer hunt in Patagonia, in the South of the country, near Bariloche city that is famous for his challenged Red Stag hunts.

Argentina Hunting

Red Stag Season. What you have to know

2019-02-25 12:43:20

Is it your hunting dream? Let the adventure begin.... don`t stay out! The season starts next March 2018!

Argentina is certainly a very large country with a variety of landscapes. The primary big game hunting is for the introduced species like the red stag. The best happens during the Roar in March and April even the Rut is a challenge and a spectacle itself. Anyway, stags remain his antlers until July in Argentina even is able to combine with much other game as well.

Caza & Safaris has been offering hunts for almost 40 years and has learnt that the client`s preferences can be different. We run this program in mountains or flat land.

Argentina Hunting

Big Game Argentina

Argentina is one of the best trophy hunting of the world, this country offers 18 different species of big game trophies, turning it and leading in a destination for big hunting because of its large wild and desolate planes which makes possible unforgettable hunts.

Hunting in Argentina is something than you will remember forever, stalking, roaring the stag in the vastness of humed pampas region endless woods, medal class trophy axis nearby buenos aires city, challenging w.buffalo in deep brush, spot and stalk huge boars during day light on wet land. Plains of blackbuck, different rams, Fallow deer on highly terrain, and much more.

Shoot a stag during the rut is one of the most beatiful experience in a hunters life...

Argentina Hunting

Wingshooting Argentina

Argentina doves is the new hot spot for south american dove hunting our area located in the north of the country has a dove population that allow you to enjoy an amazing shooting and variety better than any other place available to combain with partridge, ducks and pigeons or run together in the same area.

Argentina Hunting Argentina Hunting Argentina Hunting